LABview Generation II

the evidence viewing system for search and documentation of blood, body fluids, gun shot residue in a forensic laboratory. 

LABview is Attestor Forensics' perfect tool for the fast and efficient laboratory based search and documentation of various types of evidence, including blood stains, GSR and body fluids.

Featuring a powerfull 10 MPix camera, with sensitivity up to the Near IR, the system allows usage for the screening for blood stains and blood spatters as well as gun shot residue on surfaces, on which such evidence is otherwise difficult to see with the naked eye. The camera is supported by a powerful and dimmable 850nm IR illumination. 

Also for other type of evidence, e.g. bodyfluids or chemically treated fingerprint (e.g. wih Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione) LABview can be equipped with suitable light modules. Moreover, lightsources already available in the laboratory can be used by fitting the integrated filter wheel with custom filters.

LABview is a fully autonomous system for visualization and documentation of evidence. With an integrated controller with touch screen operation, no external PC is required. The system can though be connected to a laboratory computer network for storing or exchanging images. 

Featuring a powerful 10 MPix camera, sensitive up to near IR, the system can be used for the screening of evidence for e.g. blood stains or gunshot residue. The camera is assisted by a builtin IR illumination with 850nm. Other type of evidence as bodily fluids or chemically developed evidence like Ninhydrin, DFO or IND treated fingerprints or any other fluorescent material can be processed using a customizable, motorized filter wheel. 

LABview can also utilize a residual light amplifier boosted camera for enhanced visibility of Luminol and derivatives. This reduces the amount of chemicals to be used for detecting even fine traces of blood substantially. 

The Applications at a Glance:

  • IR screening & imaging for dried-up blood or gunshot residue with up to 10 MPix

  • enhanced screening & imaging of Luminol and derivatives with up to 1.3 MPix 

  • screening and imaging for other type of evidence using existing forensic light sources or by adding additional LIGHTcubes. 

  • mounting possible on a standard copy stand or e.g. EVIscreen, a modular and highly customizable concept of evidence screening stands.

Mounting Options

LABview can be mounted on standard laboratory copy stands or dedicated screening stands. Especially for screening of larger exhibits without moving the evidence, it is advisable to use the system in combination with a system out of the EVIscreen range