PHOTOvent LH151

downdraft filtered workstation for evidence photography

Finally, a safe and professional workstation for evidence photography. This is innovative.

For the application of fingerprint powders and evidence staining chemicals, and handling narcotics forensic professionals are equipped with special fume hoods. For photographing evidence suitable safety equipment is often missing. With PHOTOvent LH151 Attestor Forensics offers a modern downdraft filter workstation, especially designed for safe evidence photography.

An electrically operated camera arm with high precision coarse and fine movement gives control over the camera position. It features a shelve and a power distribution block for accessories such as light sources and features a universal mounting system for other photographic accessory, moving along with the camera arm.

The workbench surface of PHOTOvent LH151 is made from pre-mium quality stainless steel and is designed frame- and seamless to make cleaning an easy job. It can also be electrically adjusted in height. A combination of a pre-filter mat and a fine particulate filter cassette H13 are located below the working surface and can be easily replaced by the user without any tools. The pre-filter mat prevents bigger particles to saturate the fine particulate dust filter cassette too early. This reduces operation costs. 

The user controls the fan speed in five steps via a touch panel display. An acoustic and optical alert informs the user about a due filter replacement.

The system is available as PHOTOvent LH151-L in a large and as PHOTOvent LH151-S in a smaller version. Download our brochure.

Now with optional transmitted light screen

PHOTOvent Features

Accessory Shelve, Power Strip

and Cable Chain

Horizontally Adjustable Camera Mount.

Camera Positioning (electronically)

Electronically adjustable height stainless steel worksurface

Powerful downdraft with multi phase filters

Wall mount to steady when floor uneven