NINcha Series:Fingerprint Development Chambers

for Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione treated evidence

fast, process focused, easy to use forensic laboratory equipment......simply innovative

 "Ron Smith & Associates’ team of forensic scientists have just completed a barrage of tests on the NINcha development chamber from Attestor Forensics. Couldn’t break it. Couldn’t overload it. Couldn’t outwork it. It is the real deal for sure and RS&A highly recommends putting this piece of equipment on your laboratory’s must have list. FANTASTIC RESULTS!" ----Ron Smith, RS&A President and Owner 11/9/2018

With the NINcha series, Attestor Forensics offers three different sizes of climate chambers, especially designed for the development of fingerprint evidence. 

Evidence is usually treated with Ninhydrin or DFO by bathing or spraying. Following this actual treatment process, for an optimum result, the samples need to be developed under given temperature and humidity conditions. Many forensic laboratories simply "dry“ the treated evidence in vented extraction cabinets. Other laboratories utilize industrial ovens or climate chambers, originally designed and developed for other purposes and other applications, e.g. as incubators for bacterial cultures or the like. Where many aspects - important for forensic use - are neglected, other features are achieved at the expense of ease of forensic use and user safety.

In forensic use, evidence should be developed under homogenous conditions with fixed parameters. Further it should be possible to observe the development and document the relevant parameters for quality control. NINcha enables all of this, using a user friendly, multi-lingual touch panel control with a USB data logger and a novel and innovative air stream concept. 

In difference to many other climate chambers, NINcha monitors and controls the temperature and humidity not directly in the air stream at the air outlets but uses actual values inside the cabinet. For a forensic climate chamber it is important, that it can be easily cleaned and kept free from DNA contamination. NINcha therefore features an integrated air filter system, which reduces the amount of airborne dust from samples that might be loaded with the develop-ment chemical. Any area that comes in contact with the air stream is easily accessible for cleaning off remaining Ninhydrin or DFO particles. This limits the risk if cross-influencing of the various chemicals used and reduces the cleaning effort. Many other features round off the innovative NINcha concept. Please download brochure

Air Filters.

To reduce the risk of a contamination of evidence with particles or dust, loaded with chemicals from former treatment cycles, NINcha features a special air filter system. Additionally the chamber can be fitted with process controlled flaps for inflow and exhaust for the connection to external ventilation. 

Airflow and Anti-Condensation Screen. No more fogged up windows.

        Touch Panel Display and

        Process Data Logger

Integrated lighting. Observe the development of fingerprints

Built in water tank. Distilled water pumped in.

Variable Shelving Concept. Lay paper on shelves or clip to hanging rods. Easy to clean.


Ask us about our UV DNA decontamination unit for NINcha (see brochure also)

Touch Panel Display and Process Data Logger