EVIscreen System: Modular Evidence Screening Stand

attach your preference of camera or viewer.....innovative

EVIscreen is a modular configurable and highly customizable lab stand system for evidence screening workplaces. A special camera arm allows to move the camera system parallel to a surface which shall be screened. It enables efficient work without the need of continuous re-focusing.

Besides hosting off-the-shelve photo and video cameras, EVIscreen is especially suitable for specialized forensic search and documentation systems such as LABviewCrime-lite Imager or DCS5.

Two different camera columns, electrically or manually height adjustable build the core component of EVIscreen. The manually height adjustable camera column allows fast movement between the different camera positions required for entirity and detail shots. the electrically movable column is in particular useful for camera systems that require fine height positioning to focus on an object.  

EVIscreen features:  

  • safe and comfortable operation at forensic screening and documentation workstations

  • manual or electrically height adjustable camera columns 

  • simple, fixed camera mount or segmented camera arm for the screening of larger pieces of evidence 

  • with or without working platform

  • working platform fixed or height adjustable

  • working surface from stainless steel or epoxy coated

  • with or without downdraft filter system


See a short video featuring EVIscreen  in combination with first generation LABview .