LIGHTcube:Forensic Light Source System

modular forensic light source system for use at the lab and at the crime scene

quick release, versitile, easy to use......innovative

Forensic light sources are expensive due to the combination of high technical demands and the comparably low scale of production. For search and photography of evidence at the crime scene and in the laboratory, the same range of wavelengths (light colors) may be in use, the demand on the design is though different. In result, often multiple specialized light sources with only minor design differences need to be purchased. With the arrival of a new treatment method or chemical or with a new range of duty, additional wavelengths or power may be required. It would be desirable to have an upgradable system then. 

LIGHTcube by Attestor Forensics is a modular forensic light source system with cube individually combinable and scalable modules. Each module features one particular wavelength and can be controlled (on/off and dimming) via a membrane panel. For increased versatility and budget economy. 

LIGHTcubes can be scaled (multiple modules of the same wavelength for more power) or combined (multiple modules of different wavelength for different tasks), easily be added at a later date or maybe used together with temporarily borrowed modules from other units. The top and bottom of each module features a mechanical quick release fastener. When clicking a LIGHTcube module to another forensic light service or to a power adaptor, it automatically connects with power as well as to a control bus. Via this bus multiple modules of the same color can be switched or dimmed by a superior system, e.g. the controller of a LABsystem. view 
For easy cleaning and to reduce DNA risks, LIGHTcubes are designed without a cooling fan. Also there is a cover for the quick release fastener and the power and bus socket which is simply clicked onto the last module (see right pictures with LIGHTcube on the handle). 

Currently LIGHTcubes are available in white (two light colors), IR, green, blue and UV. 
Further modules with additional colours and beam shapes are under construction. 

For optimum illumination in combination with a camera stand, we offer an adaptor which allows adjustment of the modules in horizontal direction and in angle. In case LIGHTcube shall be used off the standard positions (e.g. side light), without any mounting or e.g. at the crime scene, we offer a handle system with direct or cable bound connection of the unit to a rechargeable battery or mains supply. 
This novel system enables you to freely configure the power and the wavelength combinations of your own custom forensic light source. Moreover, the ability to add further modules makes it future-proof.

For more details please contact us and to schedule a demonstration. Brochure will be coming shortly.