SCENEview BV800

blood stain and gun shot residue viewer for the crime scene

Bloodstain patterns found at a crime scene can yield valuable information about the circumstances and progression of a crime. Chemical reagents that create luminescence in contact with the hemoglobin within blood are in use globally. The luminescence reaction might though be weak and cannot be repeated as often as wanted or needed.

Forensic Light Source. In addition to the residual light amplifier unit, the system features a 5MPix IR sensitive camera which can be used to view dried blood using the absorption effect of blood as well as gun-shot residue. The camera is assisted by a built-in IR lighting with 850nm and suitable camera filters.

SCENEview BV800, Attestor Forensics’ latest development is the perfect tool for the search and documentation of blood spatter patterns at a crime scene and in the laboratory.

With an integrated ambient light amplifier it allows optimum search results even when the crime scene cannot be darkened perfectly. Due to the light amplification luminescence effects can already be seen with a minimum amount of chemical being sprayed across the search area.

Therefore the possibility to repeat and reproduce the effects for a subsequent documentation is higher.  

System Concept

SCENEview BV800  is a fully autonomous system. It can be run via a rechargeable battery pack or mains supply. Having integrated a fully WIN7 compatible embedded PC, it allows saving images or recording video sequences at the crime scene without the need of an external PC.

Back at the laboratory, the images and videos can be downloaded from the device via a USB pen drive storage or a LAN connection. SCENEview also allows connection to external devices as a mouse or a keyboard as well as to a high resolution monitor.

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Manual & Auto Focus

Two buttons (suitable for right and left hand use) on the handle of  SCENEview allow focusing of an object. In IR mode, the system features auto focus. Without a second hand or changing grip the user can take a snapshot or start recording a video.

Integrated IR light source

SCENEview features a 850m IR illumination and a

red orientation light that allows fast dark adaption of the human eye.

Membrane Control Panel
A membrane panel in the base of SCENEview allows controlling the software menu, e.g. browsing through recorded images.

Embedded PC

A WIN7 compatible Embedded PC has been integrated in the base of  SCENEview . This allows recording of pictures or videos without the need for an external PC. Back in the laboratory, the data can simply be played out to e.g. a standard USB pen drive

Rechargeable Batteries or Main Power Supply

SCENEview can run off a main power supply (see back page) as well as off a rechargeable battery. A fully charged battery (2 included in the set) allows typical continuous crime-scene operation for more than 1 hour and can be recharged in approx. 20 minutes.

SCENEview Features

SCENEview Modes

Blood stain and gsr photo'd or video'd

in IR mode

Luminol treated blood viewed and photo'd in LUM Mode

Luminol treated blood viewed and photo'd in LTE Mode (long time exposure)

SCENEview Details

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