Attestor Forensics' North American office opened in the Spring of 2016. Located in eastern Pennsylvania we are providing the same high level of personable sales and service to the people of the countries and territories of North America that the rest of the world has already come to know.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility  in Bad Wurzach, Germany.

We are proudly ISO 9001certified.

Who we are


Attestor Forensics GmbH is a Germany based company, specializing in high value examination tools and systems for forensic science applications at the crime scene and in the laboratory. 


Our Philosophy


Our philosophy can not only be read on our website. You will also experience it! Provide us with the opportunity to convince you of our philosophy and promises!  

Customer Relations: We believe in customer centered processes and short lines of communication. At Attestor you won’t speak to an anonymous hotline service but to competent professionals. Our team will be able to communicate with you free of any time restriction, sales or commission pressure. Every aspect of our business is aiming for satisfying long-term customer relation with personal contact rather than for quick project business. A great number of satisfied customers are proof for this.  

Durability: Our success is based on the clear focus on persistent quality and innovative strength in difference to low-cost mass-production.  In day-to-day reality of governmental institutions a product – once the budget is spent – has to be utilized for a long period before a replacement budget will be available. In order to support this at the best, we aim to offer only high quality solutions that give reason to expect a hassle-free and long term use.  This goal is considered in the selection of material as well as in the design. 


If you are outside of North America please visit our main site at attestor-forensics.com by clicking here: